Criteria For Pointe Class

Always wanted to study Pointe and want to know what it takes to be in this class. Here is the basic criteria for an adult student in Pointe class.
1) Must be attending classes regularly
2) Should attend a minimum of three ballet classes per week
3) Must be injury free and have strong feet and ankles with a good arch
4) Should be able to hold a 90 degree extension (across from the hip) easily
5) Have a strong back and excellent alignment
6) Willing to do pre-pointe exercises like releve and slow rises every day to prevent injury 
7) Willing to not try things in their Pointe shoes outside of class ( in other words, not practicing at home, on what may be an unsafe surface)
8) Can demonstrate a strong Releve on half pointe
9) Must be able to maintain turn out 


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Stay tuned for more updates!