Snake Oil at Winnipeg Fringe Festival!


Three misfits, a wild beaver and Jack!

Snake Oil is a locally written comedy set during the gold rush era in California. The townsfolk of Saratoga believe they've been invaded by wild beavers. Meanwhile, Three-Fingered Jack Garcia is on the loose. Jack, the master of disguises, and his sidekick Phinius, have news of a large gold deposit made by three unsuspecting gold miners. Guaranteed laughs with a talented cast of 24 actors and live musicians!
Length: 1 hour
Cost: $10

Venue #1 John Hirsch MainStage
Use the back entrance

July 20th @ 9:00pm
July 22nd @ 1:30pm
July 24th @ 1:45pm (2 for $12!!!)
July 25th @ 12:00pm
July 27th @ 7:00pm
July 28th @ 5:45pm
July 29th @ 11:00pm

Valentina Anang, Dan Baker-Moore, Amelie Baretto-Labossiere, Kaitlyn Chaloner, Andres Collantes, Maggie Dalke, Taylor Gregory, Rebekah Hatherly, John Hedden, Callum Johnson, Jay Koensgen, Nora Kroeger, Dagen Perrott, Catie Peterson, Ray Reider, Zoë Reider, Alma Sawatzky, Sophie Schwartz

Paula Henry, Mike Warbanski, Margaret Kampff

Kathleen Henry (Director), Aniko Szabo, Kira Gregory, Daniel Rosenfeld